About our Board

DGVoice is managed by a diverse team possessing a wide range of work experiences and organisational skills.  We are guided and managed by a board of volunteers headed by a chairperson, supported by two salaried members of staff.

The Board for DG Voice operates within its Memorandum and Articles which is a legally binding document.  The Board usually meets on a quarterly basis, however, the minimum requirements for meetings to take place is four times a year between Annual General Meetings (AGM’s).

The Board meets to discuss and take action on a number of responsibilities including: -

  • •            Resourcing DG Voice
  • •            Appointing and employing staff and setting conditions of
  • service
  • •            Pursuing the objectives of DG Voice
  • •            Preparing overall policy guidelines
  • •            Preparing, supervising and controlling the implementation
  • of operational plans for DG Voice

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